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XACROS is a communication platform that connects school communities everyday, allowing everyone to build quality in and out of class relationships.

Effective Engagement

Educators, students, and parents use XACROS to manage school communication.


Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, get important school updates right on your device.


Receive announcements, home updates—and check read receipts—to increase participation.


XACROS safely handles all your information and assures the integrity and security of your data.


Facilitates management of forum communications to make more time for teaching, learning and relating.

Success Management

Relationship-building and tailored professional support that promotes overall school development.

24/7/365 Support

Helping out users and solving their issues about XACROS, to offer them the best possible experience.

In 12+ languages, XACROS models digital age coordination and collaborative learning experiences.

Connecting School Communities Everyday

Reach families in urgent situations, get parents involved at school, strengthen your school community, motivate and encourage the child, send staff updates and information, and support student-learning even at home.

Academic Excellence
Educational Innovation
Social Engagement

Get every family involved

Teachers are building deep meaningful relationships with students and parents everyday.
Join now and start sending messages that students and parents can’t miss.

Share your story with us

As we go through the unprecedented responses to COVID-19, share how you have made an impact using XACROS — because it's only your success that always matters to us.


Engage Everyone

Activate engagement across your entire school community by harnessing the communication that's already happening to reach every student's family.

Manage Oversight

XACROS allows you to communicate at the school with staff or parents and track school activities while in any remote location away from campus.


Stay Updated

In the language best understood by you, receive messages, reminders and notices so you never miss your child's assignment, event or any other school activity.

Support the Child

Let your child know you care by directly connecting to all their teachers. Get emergencies notified to you very fast and keep all this communication in one place.


Be Productive

Maximize time by sharing class announcements, assignments, classwork and setting your availability so that you make more quality time for teaching.

Quick Access

Find all your teaching resources like textbooks, question banks, articles, and more in one place. With in-app translation, communicate in any language desired by you.


Feel Supported

Experience exponential grade and co-curricular improvement by having deeper parent involvement in your school life.

Learn With Convenience

Read and revise at your own convenience anytime, anywhere, and anyhow. Access your text books, UNEB questions, trivia, educational articles and connection to multiple external research sources, for homelearning

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